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10 Profit Plans

If you've spent any amount of time online buying information type  products, then you have no doubt come across one of these beauties. The infamous $10.00 profit plan products. But these aren't just any ordinary 10 buck products mind you. These are products that will continually earn you those profits consistently over and over again for as long as you sell or distribute them.

Why do I use both words sell and distribution? Well, because many times, when redistributing such $10.00 profit pulling products, they are more commonly given away free of charge. Even though, they can also be sold for a small profit. However, the preferred method is to offer them freely.

But, if you offer such products for free, how on earth can you earn any money from them? That's the ingenious part! And I'm going to explain how it's done right now so you can use this technique also to earn autopilot $10.00 profits without putting forth any further effort past creating the product itself.

This $10.00 profit plan is not much different than creating a free ebook or special report that discusses a particular product you may be an affiliate to that you are endorsing. Or, in other words, creating a free viral product to earn commissions with.

The main difference is that you are not promoting someone else's product, but rather, your own in a variety of ways.

And, remember too that it is much, much easier to get a person to part with $10.00 than it would be to get them to spend, say, $100.00 on a single product. Of course, to earn the $100.00 from a $10.00 product, you would need to sell 10 of them in contrast to selling just one of the higher priced product. But that goal is easily attainable with the lower cost involved for your customers.

Now, before we get into this process though, I must explain something to you about these types of products. You may be thinking, "This has got to be some sort of 'scam' like an MLM or Pyramid Scheme". But I assure you, it isn't at all. Once you read on a bit further, you will understand perfectly. Every technique explained within this ebook is 100% legal as you are providing a product(s) or service for your customers' payments.

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